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Wet grass

The Fruits of our Labor

Seedlings in Pots

Fresh Herbs

Available fresh or dried

We are currently growing Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Mint, Oregano, Dill, Lavender, Basil, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Cirtonella and Aloe.


Kunekune Pigs

Contact us or check our Instagram for information on upcoming litters

Kunekune Pigs are a unique breed that come from New Zealand. Also know as “Lard” pigs, for their higher fat content, these animals typically graze in pastures, similar to a cow, producing beautifully marbled meat. 
The breed was very close to extinction, less than 50 years ago, but fortunately has made a big comeback across the US and Canada.
Kunekune’s look different than most pigs. Their small size, shape, short snout, hair and wattles definitely set them apart. Their intelligent, social, affectionate nature make them excellent pets.


Rhode Island Reds

Farm Fresh Cage Free eggs available by the dozen, daily. Contact us to check the availability of chicks and laying hens.

Rhode Island Reds are considered to be a US Heritage breed. 
These birds are excellent for their egg laying abilities and their meat.
Here on the farm, our hens lay fresh eggs daily. Our Rooster, Rocky, makes sure we have plenty of chicks to keep our flock full.


Handmade Beeswax Candles

Handmade Natural Beeswax Candles, made using only organic beeswax, coconut oil, farm fresh herbs, organic essential oils and a hemp wick. *Available in wax melts also

Burning Beeswax Candles naturally releases negative ions, which is a process many air purifiers use to clear the air of contaminants. Take one of our Beeswax Candles home for a natural air purifier, with the added bonus of a sweet scent.


ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Contact us or check our Instagram to see if we have any kids available. *Goat milk and dairy products coming soon

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature dairy goat, originating in Africa. 
Their small size and sweet nature make them excellent pets! 
A healthy doe can produce up to 2 quarts of milk per day for up to 10 months per year. Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk differs from typical goat milk in that it is sweeter and contains a higher butter fat and protein content. 
Our goats are registered with the ADGA.


Pedigree American Rabbits

Contact us or check our Instagram to see if we have any kits available.

American Rabbits are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and are a “Rare Breed”, in danger of extinction.
Americans are large rabbits, known for their beautiful deep blue fur and sweet temperament. American’s color varieties include white - with white ruby eyes, and black. However, only Blue and White are considered Show quality. Their meat can also be consumed. 
We are ARBA recognized breeders and our rabbits are registered with Global Pedigree.


Handmade Organic Soap

Our Soaps are cold pressed, made with milk from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, organic essential oils and farm fresh herbs. We do not use any artificial scents or colors, ensuring a truly natural soap. 


Farm fresh handmade organic soap


Farm Fresh Cage Free Eggs 

$5.00/ Dozen

Our cage free Rhode Island Red hens lay fresh eggs daily. 

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